The believer is not transactional in her interactions.

The believer does what is good because it is good, not in order to be seen to be good.

The believer acts from a place of fullness, not from lack.

The believer knows that her existence is an unexplainable gift and that the only appropriate response to that gift is to give.

The believer does not yearn for a better future because she is mesmerised by what is.

The believer notices the beauty in the smallest of things, those which the untrained eye overlooks as mundane or typical.

The believer realises that the moon cannot be accurately reflected in a turbulent lake, and so stills herself so as to permit the Divine Beauty to be reflected through her.

The believer spends more time cultivating her inner garden than instructing others how to behave.

The believer prefers awe to outrage.



Sometimes your circumstances are not optimal (in your eyes).

Sometimes your own actions create a mess.

Sometimes you are not where you would like to be.

Sometimes you hurt people or cause anguish.

The past cannot be changed.

The most noble thing you can do is to make the very best of the moment.

That takes courage.

The courage not to be overwhelmed by your own stupidity and the courage to begin again, striving to better yourself.

When you take a single step towards the One, the One will come running towards you.

Never give up hope.

Trust in Allah.

He will use your circumstances to facilitate your growth.

‘Allah will be enough for those who put their trust in Him. Allah achieves His purpose; Allah has set a due measure for everything’.

The Holy Qur’an (65:3).



Just in case you forgot or didn’t know…

His Mercy is not hidden from those who do not know how to use big words or speak foreign tongues.

His Mercy is not reserved for those with respectable middle-class lifestyles who attend expensive international retreats to demonstrate their piety…



The day of the Beloved’s ﷺ birth is a celebration of human potential.

The Beloved ﷺ is excellence manifest, an ultimately unfathomable yet entirely relatable example of what the human being was created to become.

The Beloved ﷺ is like the North Star, so high above, beyond our…