Isolate Your Errors

The Way of Well-Being
1 min readSep 15, 2020

We mess up.

We miss the mark.

When that happens, isolate the error.

Like fire-doors impede the spread of the fire, realise that one mistake (even a serious one) does not mean your whole life is on fire.

The human mind is flammable.

Without disciplined attention and inner strength, a single blunder can be the catalyst for an almighty blaze.

Do not permit yourself to spiral out of control.

Be aware that regardless of how bad you think things are right now, they can get a whole lot worse by means of responding inappropriately to this moment.

Remove yourself from the situation. Transcend it. Make ablution. Still yourself.

Trust entirely in the Almighty that the mishap is part of the plan, an opportunity for growth like everything else in life.

Make amends where possible. Isolate the error. Do not permit it to define who you are.